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Have you baked a cake that didn’t turn out how you expected? If so, there are small mistakes you might be making that affect the outcome of your baked goods. Read this post by Great Harvest Bread Co. in Newtonville and learn more about the topic.

Baking a cake can be a pretty easy task, but without the proper care, little mistakes can be made that change the whole outcome of your baked goods. Some mistakes you can fix at the moment, but others aren’t noticeable until you take the cake out of the oven. If this has happened to you, Great Harvest Bread Co. in Newtonville, MA, has this article for you to learn about possible mistakes you could be making that alter your baking results.

Substituting Ingredients

It’s normal to want to change some of the ingredients, especially if you notice last minute that you read the recipe wrong and bought oil instead of butter. Unfortunately, certain ingredients cannot be substituted easily and work in entirely different ways and allow for different results. Changing ingredients can lead to your batter having a different consistency, density, and even moisture. Try to follow the recipe as much as you can. Once you take the cake out of the oven and verify that the recipe was successful, you can think about what ingredients you would want to change in the future and see how to make it work.

Not Measuring the Ingredients

One thing you can do is measure all ingredients first so that you don’t get confused along the process. Correctly measuring the components that go into your cake is crucial, as changing a measurement can alter not only the consistency of your cake but also the flavor. To make this process more accurate, you can use a digital scale that weighs in 1g increments as well as use measuring spoons and cups.

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Ignoring to Properly Grease and Flour the Pan

Depending on the cake you are planning to make, the lining method may vary. Most recipes include the lining method, so ensure you check to see what works best for your baked good. If you are unsure or it isn’t specified in your recipe, the most common lining method is to lightly grease the sides and base of your mold with oil or butter and attach greaseproof paper to fit the bottom of the mold. You can also line the sides if you feel it’s necessary.

Some Ingredients Need to Be at Room Temperature

For some ingredients, being at room temperature is necessary to achieve the right consistency. For example, if you try to add butter that you just took out of the bridge to your mixture, it will probably create crumbs, and you will have a hard time making your mixture uniform. Adding ingredients that aren’t at room temperature (unless stated otherwise) can also affect the rise of your cake and affect the flavor. Some ingredients perform better at specific temperatures. Temperature eggs give cakes more volume. Cold butter won’t fluff up as much when you mix it with sugar. Warm water will activate the yeast.

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Mixing Your Batter Improperly

This could be something you haven’t thought about before, but yes, the way you mix your batter matters. Weakly mixing your batter can create crumbles and excessively mixing can toughen your cake. To be able to beat your batter correctly, the order in which you add your ingredients is also essential. Does your recipe tell you to combine all dry ingredients first? Does it ask you to alternate between dry and wet ingredients? Follow your instructions and make sure to mix until everything is combined carefully.

Don’t Open the Oven Door!

We all like to take a peek and see how our cake is doing, but frequently opening the oven door can affect your cake’s outcome. For example, If you open the door to early, you can risk your cake becoming sunken in the middle. Even if you want to check to see if your cake is baking well, wait until your cake has about 1/4 left to cook before starting to open the oven door. You should also leave a 5 - 10-minute window in between every time you open the door to ensure it doesn’t affect the cooking process.

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