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Keep Your Next Meeting Fueled

When it comes to office meetings it can be hard to keep your employees' focus as their stomachs grumble and their minds wander. If you're looking for an easy way to keep them on track, then Great Harvest, Newtonville has just the right post for you.

Choose the Right Ingredients for Focus

The best place to start is with a sandwich platter. Make some sandwiches with a delicious California cobb loaf and a spread of avocado to get the taste buds racing. Add in some crispy bacon, bleu cheese spread and some smoked turkey breast. Before you know it their stomachs are satisfied and their brains are fueled.

Feed Their Brains With Veggies

Create a vegetable only option to take care of dietary requirements. Include a tasty whole wheat bread panini filled with cucumber, tomato, lettuce, carrot, fresh pepper rings, provolone and cheddar cheese with a delicious red pepper garlic spread.  Using light ingredients without heavy meats can help your staff to feel satisfied instead of full, keeping them alert during your meeting.

Of Course, Your Staff Need Sweets Too

Don't forget to finish the meeting with a tasty reward for hard work and excellent ideas. Provide a platter of muffins, cookies, scones and cakes to give your staff a treat to take back with them to continue their great work.

Bread in Newton, MA

If you love the idea but you don't have the time - Great Harvest, Newtonville has you covered. Speak with us now on 617-928-1162 and let us take care of your next meeting and give your staff the brain fuel they need to keep the ideas flowing.
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