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Learn About the Benefits to Eating Seeds

Eating seeds has a lot of benefits for your health, but sadly, is one of the foods that we consume less in our daily diet. Take a look below at some of the benefits to seeds and how Great Harvest can help you build them into your daily diet

High Fiber Content

Thanks to their high fiber content, seeds are a great way to easily increase your fiber intake. The fiber inside seeds doesn't completely dissolve in your stomach, allowing it to reach the intestinal tract where it helps you to improve your digestion. Fiber also helps to slow digestion, which allows a gradual increase in levels of blood sugar, so you will have energy for longer. Studies found that consumers of nuts and seeds had a 25% reduction in cholesterol levels, and suspect that fiber is the reason.

Healthy Fats

Not all fats are the enemy - some are needed by the body so that it can function correctly. Forget about animal fats, the natural fat found in seeds such as omega 3 can provide a great boost to your brain activity to keep you alert. Mono- and poly-unsaturated fats found in nuts and seeds also manage inflammation and strengthen all the cells in our body. Studies show that eating nuts and seeds reduces heart disease risk by 35%.

Skin Care

Did you know that seeds containing Vitamin E and Zinc can impact on your skin? Vitamin E is absorbed and used to keep skin soft while the Zinc in seeds encourages collagen production. In addition, Zinc is also a great ingredient in seeds for maintaining strong and shiny hair.

Plant Protein

You can get protein from fish or poultry, but seeds are an excellent, vegetarian source of protein. The American Cancer Association recommends a plant-based diet to prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer. An ounce of seeds contains an average of six grams of protein.

Essential Minerals

Seeds deliver essential minerals, including iron to prevent anemia and circulate oxygen throughout your body, magnesium for bones, selenium to protect against oxidation, and zinc for your immune system. One ounce of sunflower seeds contain 100 mg of magnesium and an ounce of almonds contain 75 mg of calcium.

Bread in Brookline, MA

This is all well and good, but how do I get more seeds in my diet? By heading down to your local Great Harvest Bakery in Brookline, MA and picking up one of freshly baked loaves of High 5 Fiber or Dakota 4 Seed bread. Give us a call at 617-928-1162 and see what freshly baked treats we have in store for you today. Our grains are milled fresh daily, ensuring you receive the healthiest, freshest, tastiest bread and baked goods around.
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