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Watching a movie, catching up with friends, or spending a relaxing afternoon, calls for a delicious and healthy snack. Hummus with whole grain bread, for example, can be perfect for them since it provides all of the flavor, protein, and fiber you need. Moreover, it is also very simple to make! If you’d like to learn how to prepare hummus in your home, Great Harvest in Newtonville will share this recipe with you.

How to Prepare Delicious Hummus at Home

The Ingredients

¼ cup natural lemon juice
½ kg garbanzo beans
½ minced garlic clove
2 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp water
Salt and pepper (to your liking)
Extra flavor (sesame seeds, bell pepper, etc.)

The Tools

A strainer
A blender
A spoon

The Instructions

  • First, rinse the garbanzo beans with abundant water and peel the skin off (if desired). Make sure to drain all of the water away before moving forward.
  • Add all of the ingredients mentioned above into the blender and start mixing them together. Continue with this until you form a thick and homogeneous paste.
  • Then, take a spoon to taste your creation. If you feel that it needs more of some of the ingredients, add them in and blend them together again.
  • Finally, pour the hummus in a container and place whole grain toast next to it so you and your guests can enjoy it fully.
Eat Hummus with the Most Delicious Bread in Newtonville!
If you want to savor your hummus thoroughly, come to Great Harvest! We mill our grains on a daily basis to provide the freshest, healthiest, most delicious bread in town. Call 617-928-1162 to find out more about our daily menu of bread and sweets.

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