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Keep Your Kids Bellies Happy With Fresh Bread in Newtonville

It's the weekend again, and we all know what that means - sporting events! Whether you're taking your kids and their friends to the local park for a friendly game of football or baseball or it's your turn to bring the food and drinks for your children's organized sporting match, Great Harvest of Newtonville has you covered!

What Kids Needs to Keep Their Energy Levels Up

It can often be a tricky task between finding something that your kids and their teammates are going to enjoy during their breaks and giving their bodies what they need to maintain a consistent energy level throughout. For this often difficult blend, Great Harvest of Newtonville uses only the freshest bread made from freshly milled whole grains prepared daily to bake only the tastiest and freshest bread.  Milling our own grains allows our bread to maintain its levels of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals to keep your kids' bodies active for longer. Included in this process we make sure only the highest quality yeast, salt and for that special touch, honey are added that results in a healthy and extra tasty loaf of bread. This is the very bread that we use is all our products, including our catering options.

What's Inside This Delicious and Healthy Bread?

With healthy and tasty bread taken care of, next up on satisfying kids' taste buds are the contents. While as parents we can tend to be tempted by the more gourmet of sandwich fillings, our kids stomachs tend to prefer the more basics. Included in our catering packages can be a selection of classic sandwiches such as a California Cobb, including fresh turkey breast, avocado, crispy bacon (yes please!) and a tasty blue cheese.  Alongside this we recommend an all time favorite - the tuna salad. Chunks of white albacore tuna with a seasoned mayo dressing is sure to satisfy any kids hunger and keep their bodies active for the day. If this all sounds too tasty to be true, it's not! In fact, it isn't even difficult to arrange. Just call us here at Great Harvest of Newtonville on 617-928-1162 before 10:00am and place your order to pick up on your way to the field or match. If it's a little difficult for you to get to us, let us know where you'll be and for orders over 15 sandwiches we are happy to bring these delicious treats to you!

How About a Celebratory Treat?

Now that the halftime lunch is taken care of and the kids are back on the field it's time to get ready for the excitement that comes when they finish the match and feel like something a little sweeter. For this, finding the perfect blend between healthy and tasty is just as easy at Great Harvest of Newtonville. Options to keep your kids happy at the end of the day include the always popular Pumpkin Yumkin. Often simply described as 'YUMMY!', this treat is a best seller thanks to its delicious mix of pumpkin and chocolate chips! Looking for something a little more bite sized that the kids can grab from a platter and run around with while they celebrate? How about our signature Oatmeal chocolate cookies made with 100% whole wheat flour, rolled oats and chocolate chips! Of course the treats don't stop there. Included are also the classics like oatmeal raisin cookies and snickerdoodles that are sure to keep a smile on your kids faces.

But What About the Adults?

Don't worry, with all the effort you put into getting the kids organized and ready we haven't forgotten about rewarding you. For the adults in the group, we have treats like our Apple Pie Bread. Picture this - Applesauce added to a classic white bread base, some fresh Cortland apples thrown in along with some cinnamon topped off with a delicious butter crunch.

All of This Catering Is Easily Taken Care of With the Best Bakery Near Me in Newtonville

Even the best baking parents can find it hard to make the time to prepare all of these delicious treats, so why not let us take care of it all for you. If you have a big order, give Great Harvest of Newtonville a call at 617-928-1162 with enough notice and we can have it all ready for the day.  Easy!
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