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Learn About the Benefits to Eating Seeds

Eating seeds has a lot of benefits for your health, but sadly, is one of the foods that we consume less in our daily diet. Take a look below at some of the benefits to seeds and how Great Harvest can help you build them into your daily diet



The Benefits of Whole Grains

Lately we have heard a lot of how consuming whole grains has great benefits for our health. There are a lot products that contain these whole grains that have recently reached the supermarkets, but, what are the real benefits? Do we really need to consume whole...
Great Harvest, Newtonville have put together two excellent recipes for you today. We hope you enjoy the delicious results and we look forward to seeing you at the bakery in Newton.

A Healthy Oatmeal Coconut and Raisin Cookie Recipe in Newton

Oatmeal is one of the most complete and healthy cereals...
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Keep Your Employees Brains Focused

The next time that you and your staff are planning a meeting or a brainstorming sessions, consider the drain your brain. A brain that can’t function is a brain that can’t think of ideas. In this post, Great Harvest in Newtonville has some great ideas on how to...

The Perfect House Gift for Every Occasion

We all know it's polite to bring something when attending a party, however it can become a little difficult to bring something different each time. Not only are we great at baking fresh bread in Newtonville, the bakers here at Great Harvest, Newtonville...

Keep Your Next Meeting Fueled

When it comes to office meetings it can be hard to keep your employees' focus as their stomachs grumble and their minds wander. If you're looking for an easy way to keep them on track, then Great Harvest, Newtonville has just the right post for you.

Choose the Right...

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Easy to Make Healthy Lunches for Your Children

School lunches are notoriously low quality and unhealthy. Although the situation across the country is getting better, Great Harvest Bread Co. in Newtonville suggests giving your children only the best by preparing their lunch at home, for them to...
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