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Your party is over and you find that you have a lot of leftover bread. Or while cleaning out the bread box, you find an extra stiff loaf. As long as it has not grown a coat of hair, you have the base for some delicious recipes. Our bakers here at Great Harvest in Newtonville, MA would like to share some ways to use that stale bread.


Why buy breadcrumbs in the store when you can make your own? Put your leftover bread in the oven at a low temperature (around 250 degrees F.) for about an hour. Let them cool and then put into a food processor and grind until you have the desired consistency.

Crunchy Coating

Now that you have a supply of breadcrumbs, add some herbs of your choosing, such as oregano, thyme, basil, or rosemary. This makes for a delicious coating for baked or fried chicken. If mixed with a little extra virgin olive oil and parmesan cheese, it makes a mouth-watering garnish for any tomato-based pasta dish.

Soup Rafts

Other than crackers, there is no better accompaniment to soup than a delicious slice of bread, but you can also add bread into the soup itself. For a hearty a Tuscan soup, fry some onions and celery in butter, add cannellini beans, chopped tomatoes, basil and some grated hard cheese and let it cook until thickened. Shortly before you remove your soup from the heat, top it with some generous chunks of stale bread. 


For crunchy, tasty bites to go on your soup or salad, cut your leftover bread into cubes. Coat with a olive oil, spices and herbs of your choice. Pop these cubes in a hot oven (around 375 degrees F.) for ten minutes, turning over halfway through.

When you’re in need of a fresh supply of healthy bread, make sure to visit Great Harvest. We bake our bread using only fresh-milled whole grain wheat so it’s the most nutritious and delicious bread in Newtonville, MA. Call (617) 928-1162 to find out what we’re having for lunch today.
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