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Keep Your Kids Happy With These Tasty Treats for Their Lunchbox

Every parent knows that one of the hardest things to do is keep their kids happy when it comes to what goes inside their school lunch boxes. While most parents find the best way is to get them chips and lollies, this isn't always the most healthy and can become costly. If you're looking for alternative ways to feed your kids while they're at school, then you've come to the right article. Great Harvest of Newtonville has a few different ways to keep a smile on their faces during lunch time to share with you.

Start With Fruit

Now we know what you're thinking - fruit isn't always the most popular choice when it comes to kids, however we find that the challenge is that kids can often think of fruit as boring. Instead of an apple or an orange in their lunchbox, prepare some fruit kebabs and put them in a sealed container. A mixture of their favorite fruits makes for a great way to keep their treats healthy and fresh.


When most kids think about yogurt they immediately think about the chocolate dairy yogurt snacks from the supermarket. While these are always a favorite, many alternatives can be just as tasty and even healthier. The next time you're in the store, look for healthy yogurts that contain natural flavors such as honey or strawberry. These flavors provide natural sweetness and are always sure to be tasty.


Cookie are one of the most favorite snacks for all generations, especially for kids, and they definitely have a place on this list. When it comes to cookies, however, don't get the ones from the store and instead make them yourself. Add whichever ingredients you like to your basic cookie dough mix and you're set to go. One of the benefits to baking your own cookies is that you can bake them at whichever size you like, ensuring they fit in their lunchbox and are easy to eat. If you like the idea of baking your own tasty cookies instead of buying them from a store, however you just don't have the time, speak with Great Harvest of Newtonville at 617-928-1162. We freshly mill our grains each morning to ensure our baked goods are nothing but the freshest, and that includes our delicious range of cookies. Stop past on your way to school or even on the way home from work and stock up.

Muesli Bars

A tried and true snack for kids is the classic muesli bar. However, for this tip we are leaning towards a muesli bar with fruits and nut, with perhaps a thin layer of chocolate at the bottom. These often come in themed packets of your kids' favorite TV characters, which helps to keep kids happy.


Another favorite treat when it comes to kids, however not one often thought of by parents when packing lunches. Muffins are great because they come in a range of tasty flavors and can also be bought in bite sized portions, not only ensuring they fit in the lunch box but half isn't going to waste if your kids aren't able to eat a whole one.


This is always a favorite at the movies, but that's not the popcorn we're talking about. Look for flavored popcorns that has been fried and not covered in butter. You will be surprised at just how much of a range there is of popcorn, including flavors that you yourself may like to try (it's okay - we won't tell the kids).


This one may seem strange, given that scones are mostly associated with tea and gossip. However, baking some scones and smearing them with a good amount of jelly is a great way to keep your child's lunch box full and their stomach's happy.

Available From Your Friendly and Local Bakery Near Newton Centre

If you're looking for even more tasty ideas to fill their lunch boxes or you're just stuck for time on the way to school and aren't sure what to get, Great Harvest of Newtonville is ready and waiting. If you prefer to make an order, give us a call 617-928-1162 so we can have it all ready, or even deliver it to you at your convenience. Starting from the milling of our grains each morning, you can rest assured that everything you purchase from Great Harvest of Newtonville is not only going to be of the highest quality and freshness but also has the best taste.
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