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Delicious Reasons to Head to Your Local Bakery in Brookline

Despite what we would all like to do now that the cold weather has set in, sitting at home in bed wrapped in a warm blanket eating delicious food and drinking coffee just isn’t an option. With the necessity of work and general life, such a dream remains, well a dream. But just because the cold has set in doesn’t mean that you and your stomach are left out in the cold. To help you out with ideas on how you can keep warm and filled with delicious baked goods this cold season, Great Harvest of Newtonville has a few ideas to help you out, and a few ways to take the trouble out of cooking all together!

Lunch for the Masses

The morning has come around, you wake up and look out the window to see a beautiful...cloudy and cold sky. Tempted no doubt as you are to stay in bed, there’s a group of hungry stomachs also getting out of bed and they’re going to need lunch prepared before they head out to the door, either to work or a hard day at school.

Lunch for School

There's one thing that kids love to eat, and it’s always the classics, turkey and cheese, beef with tomato or even a trusty tuna on white. But what if there was a way to give them the tastes they love, with a more healthy twist adding a few choice ingredients.

A Twist on the Classic Turkey and Cheese

Just because they prefer a simpler taste doesn't mean you can’t build on it. Instead of regular sliced bread, start with a panini and add a hearty amount of grilled chicken breast, followed by a few slices of melted pepper jack cheese. Throw on some roasted onions, peppers, tomato , red onion, a few pieces of romaine lettuce followed by a drizzle of of south-west mayo and you’re good to go. Before they head out the door, pop it on the toaster to crisp the bread and give the cheese an extra melt, wrap it up in brown paper and into your children’s lunch box it goes. Before you know it, your kids lunchbox will be the envy of their friends and their friends stomach’s. Getting such a delicious sandwich ready in the morning doesn’t take a lot of effort, however there are just times where you don’t have the time, or your bones are a little too cold to prepare. For these instances, head past your local Great Harvest of Newtonville on your way to school and pick up a couple of freshly made sandwiches just like this one. Give Great Harvest of Newtonville a call on 617-928-1162 before you leave and have it ready to go as you drive past.

Lunch for Work

Of course, it isn’t only your children who are looking to get fed during the day - don’t forget yourself as you head out to work for the day. For your stomach, our idea is a little more gourmet. Start with a few slices of delicious and freshly baked honey whole wheat bread with a decent spread of fresh avocado. Next, you’re going to add some romaine lettuce, turkey breast (smoked is preferable), add some crispy bacon and a good helping of blue cheese. Add a little salt and cracked pepper, or perhaps a drizzle of your favorite sauce, perhaps something a tangy vinaigrette and you’ve got their lunch sorted. Of course, if you’re looking for something a little healthier and lighter in your stomach, try swapping the panini or bread slices for a delicious wrap!

Head to Your Local Bakery in Brookline for the Freshest and Tastiest Ideas

If these ideas have got your own stomach rumbling but you're wondering how you're going to get it all ready before they leave the house, Great Harvest of Newtonville can help. Either the afternoon before or before you leave to drop everybody off in the morning, speak with Great Harvest of Newtonville on 617 928 1162 and arrange these and plenty of other delicious sandwiches, paninis and wraps to be made fresh for you, ready to collect on your way past. Using only the freshest and best ingredients, Great Harvest of Newtonville can ensure that your whole family’s lunches are taken of. Of course, all of his work that you’re doing should not go unrewarded. While you’re there, pick yourself up a snack or special little treat such as a cinnamon chip swirl or perhaps some delicious oatmeal raisin cookies to say thank you to yourself for such a good job!
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