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The Perfect House Gift for Every Occasion

We all know it's polite to bring something when attending a party, however it can become a little difficult to bring something different each time. Not only are we great at baking fresh bread in Newtonville, the bakers here at Great Harvest, Newtonville are also great at preparing tasty gift ideas for your family and friends.

A Gift for the Host to Enjoy Afterwards

Hosting an social event can be exhausting work and is likely to leave your hosts wanting to sit back sit back, enjoy a cup of tea, and relax once all guests have left. Why not help them out by preparing a small basket lined with some tea-towels and a box of relaxing tea. Help them unwind further by adding a fresh cake bread made from daily milled grains, a jar of gourmet jam, and some delicious (and giant) cookies.

The Perfect Gift for New Neighbors

Introducing yourself to neighbors with a small welcoming gift can be a great start to friendly relationship. If you're stuck for what to take over when it's time to knock on the door, lay some colorful tea-towels inside an old biscuit tin and fill it with tasty goodies. Add a couple of loaves of freshly baked bread, some gourmet jam, a whole grain soup and some bread dipping oil and suddenly you're the best neighbors on the block! Never be stuck without a cup of sugar again!

Freshly Baked Bread in Newtonville

If you love the idea of taking a gift basket to your next event but just don't have the time to prepare it - Great Harvest, Newtonville has you covered. Speak with our friendly bakers on 617 928 1162 to order your perfect gift basket to be delivered to your home or office!
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