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When it comes to baking, not all bread was created equal, with each type offering a range of benefits. This article has some great information about the importance of seeds.

With stores like Great Harvest Newtonville, it is easy to walk in and leave with a delicious loaf of freshly baked plain white or even whole grain bread. After all, these types have been a staple in family kitchens for decades. However, have you ever stopped to look at the entire range to see what’s on offer? Great Harvest Newtonville knows that eating bread is not only a great part of your diet, but that the right bread can offer a range of taste and health benefits, and has prepared a post with some information about the benefits of including seeds in your diet.

Pumpkin Seeds

Starting with potentially the most common seed of all, it’s the pumpkin seed. It can be easy to discard these seeds with the idea that they are only good for growing more pumpkin. However, in reality, pumpkin seeds come with a range of benefits, such as:
  • An excellent source of:
    • Iron;
    • Protein;
    • Zinc;
    • Vitamin B; and even
    • Vitamin C
As you can see, these small seeds have much more benefit than simply growing more pumpkin, however, their true benefit comes from their versatility. Not only can pumpkin seeds find their way into bread to enhance the flavor and nutrition, but they can also be roaster and either sprinkled on top of toast or enjoyed on their own.

Sesame Seeds

There is a reason that you see sesame seeds on the top of hamburger buns, and it isn’t just for decoration. Sesame seeds not only introduce flavor to the burger bun, but they are also packed with health benefits such as:
  • Good source of:
  • Fiber;
  • Protein, despite their size;
  • Unsalted Fats;
  • Calcium;
  • Magnesium;
  • Zinc; and
  • Iron
Similar to pumpkin seeds, much of the benefit of sesame seeds comes from their versatility. As an example, in addition to sprinkling these seeds over your burger bun, you can also use them in salads, sushi dishes, and even stir fry recipes where your children won’t even see that they are eating something healthy! If you love fresh and tasty bread then you can’t go past the offerings at Great Harvest Newtonville. To find out which delicious breads are being baked fresh today or to find out which tasty treats are available, speak with a friendly baker at Great Harvest Newtonville today by calling 617-928-1162.

Chia Seeds

You may know about chia seeds from seeing them in a bubble tea drink or served on the side of a healthy breakfast toast, and while they have their place in both of these dishes, chia seeds can also be used in baking and sandwiches, offering you and your family a range of health benefits, such as:
  • A great way to introduce more fiber into your diet;
  • High in calcium for growing bones;
  • A good source of magnesium;
  • Good levels or fiber and folate; and
  • They can provide your body with more omega-3s than salmon!
In addition to using these seeds to bake and sprinkle over healthy sandwiches, chia seeds can also be soaked in water which changes their consistency allowing for even more cooking benefits, such as turning them into a delicious dessert.

Poppy Seeds

Last, but certainly not least, are poppy seeds. Often seen inside orange flavored muffins, poppy seeds can not only introduce flavor to a savory dish but also a range of health benefits, for example:
  • A good portion of your required calcium and iron intake;
  • High in protein; and
  • A good source of fiber to help keep your body regular
Just like all the healthy seeds on this list, poppy seeds are great because they can be used for a range of cooking and baking, such as including them in a dish or simply using them as a garnish to add texture and a subtle flavor to your dish.

The Freshest Bread from the Best Bakery in Newtonville, MA

It’s hard to go past a delicious and fresh loaf of bread, so why not stop in to see the friendly bakers at Great Harvest Newtonville and ask about the range of fresh and tasty bread and treats on offer for the day. Of course, in addition to providing everyday bread lovers with delicious treats, Great Harvest Newtonville can also manage your catering order, ensuring that all of your guests or meeting participants are well fed with healthy and delicious baked snacks.
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