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If you've been trying to make healthy lifestyle changes, the holiday season can turn into a real roadblock. Fight temptation and stay healthier this season with these tips.

Healthy Eating Strategies for the Holiday Season

Eating healthy and staying fit during the holiday season can feel like the ultimate challenge because it's basically a season full of temptation. If you've been working hard all year to maintain healthy eating habits, don't throw it all away. Instead, make a commitment to your health by taking small steps that can make all the difference. Before your first holiday party arrives, arm yourself with these healthy eating strategies.

Eat Before Leaving Your House

Whether you're heading to the mall to do some holiday shopping or to a get-together at a friend's house, don't forget to eat something before heading out the door. Shopping trips can take longer than expected, so hunger is sure to creep up while you're out if you didn't eat before leaving your house. The food court won't likely offer many healthy food choices, so eat a healthy meal at home that will ward off hunger while you're out. If you're heading to a holiday party that you're certain will be full of snacks and treats, eating a healthy meal beforehand will help you to eat only a few snacks instead of making a meal out of them.

Stash Snacks Everywhere

The holiday season can often lead to longer hours at the office, a longer time spent in your car, and less time for actual meals. While replacing meals with snacks isn't recommended, having healthy snacks within arms reach can help you ward off hunger until you can have an actual meal. Keep some healthy snacks in your office so that you have an easier time turning down all the holiday treats your coworkers keep showing up with. Having snacks in the car can keep you and your kids from making so many stops at the drive-thru. Keep healthy snacks readily visible and available in your home so that you're less tempted to reach for the chocolate and cookies.

Practice Portion Control

Holiday meals are often larger than life with second and even third helpings. It's not hard to see why some people have trouble maintaining their healthy habits during this time. You don't have to skip out on your favorites this year, simply paying attention to portions can help you make better choices that feel good all around. At your next holiday party, don't fill your plate to the brim. Instead, grab a few things and if you're still hungry, grab a few more until you're satisfied and not full. Using a smaller plate can make portion control much easier, so avoid reaching for the largest plate available. If you're hosting a holiday get-together but don't have time to prepare food for your guests, Great Harvest of Newtonville can help with that! Give their bakery a call at (617) 928-1162 to check out their bread and dessert options. You can also stop by Great Harvest of Newtonville to check out all of their healthy options for the holiday season.

Go for Protein

During the holiday season, you're bound to encounter an endless amount of party trays. These may include countless types of chips, dips, crackers, cheeses, fruits, veggies, and so much more. When serving yourself a plate, stick to options that are high in plant based or animal based proteins. Egg based dishes, meats, cheeses, options that include beans, and nuts should be the star of your plate because their high protein content means you'll feel more full and satisfied. Making them the star of your plate doesn't mean they're you're only option. Grab some fruits, veggies, and other items you enjoy to round out your plate.

Bring Your Own Food

The bring your own food approach is a great way to gain some control over what you're eating at an event you're not hosting. If you're heading to a potluck, make a dish that everyone will enjoy but that will also help you keep up with your healthy eating routine. If you're heading to a friend's get-together, offer to take a dish in order to help out the host with a bit of the preparations. This isn't always an option, but when it is, take advantage!

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