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“I can’t cook” is a phrase you may often hear or have even said yourself. Cooking is a skill that can be developed and improved with patience and determination. Learn some tips on improving your cooking abilities by reading this post by Great Harvest Bread Co.

Cooking may come easier for some people more than others. But this is no reason for believing cooking isn’t something you can become good at! On the contrary, by practicing and following simple steps and tips, you can improve your cooking skills and become successful in the kitchen. There are techniques you can learn and advice you can follow to get started. Read this article by Great Harvest Bread Co. and learn how to get your cooking journey started.

Know How to Read the Recipe

Recipes play a significant role in helping dishes come to life. Understanding recipes can sometimes be confusing, especially when you aren’t familiar with the structure and grammar that is characteristic to them. Learning to interpret a recipe is crucial when it comes to cooking. Before starting to cook, make sure you read through the recipe and look for any phrases or concepts you may not understand.

Equip Yourself with the Right Tools

Having the right equipment makes a huge difference when cooking. Cooking with a blunt knife, for example, will not only make the process tedious and time-consuming but will most probably lead your finish product looking shabby. Invest in some quality materials like a good knife, a chopping board, a plastic spatula as well as other basic and indispensable cooking tools.

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Understand Cooking Terms

As with any discipline, cooking has terms and words that are unique to the skill. Take some time to read through a cooking glossary and get familiar with all the terms you may need to help you along your cooking journey. With therms like lukewarm, rolling boil, and cutting in, you want to make sure to familiarize yourself with their meaning. Write the words down if necessary or look them up if you feel you need further assistance.

Get to Know Your Ingredients

When cooking, it’s essential to understand the way your ingredients react to different cooking methods to ensure you get the results you wish for. You will naturally start gaining this knowledge from your own experience, but doing some research is the best way to ensure you are prepared and don’t run into any surprises. Also, get familiar with the science behind food. Understanding when to alternate wet and dry ingredients and why, as well as understanding the role that salt and sugar play in a recipe will allow you to take your cooking to the next level.

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Measure Correctly

Especially when baking, the way you measure your ingredients can make the difference when it comes to achieving the perfect baked good. Measuring ingredients is easier than it may seem. By having the right measuring tools, for both wet and dry ingredients, you can ensure you follow your recipe as close as possible and increase your chances of success.

Learn to Use a Knife

A knife is one of the most important tools when it comes to cooking. Learning how to hold and use a knife properly will not only help you work more efficiently but will allow your finishing dish to look presentable and more professional. Learning to use a knife also helps prevent you from suffering injuries as you will have better control and confidence over it.

Get Yourself Some Cookbooks

Cooking books are a great way of getting you inspired to cook and have a guide to follow. Cooking books are usually greatly detailed as well as are easier and more amicable to understand. You can also have the alternative of having many options and ideas on how and what to prepare in relation to your personal taste and interests.

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