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Though the winter months aren’t letting up anytime soon, it is likely that there are some of us have already got the taste for summer. It’s with that in mind that Great Harvest in Newtonville thought it might be a good idea to share a light, summertime, vegetable recipe for all to love. The ingredients are few and the preparation time is short. You’ll find, that though the vegetables are the flavors of spring you should not have an trouble finding these in your local market or grocery store now. 

What You’ll Need:·   

Ingredients for the salad

o   3 cups of pre cooked, cubed chicken
o   1 diced red pepper
o   ½ cup of minced onion-preferably red
o   ½ diced or sliced cucumber
o   1 ½ cups of diced pineapple·   

Ingredients for the dressing

o   ¼ cup of fresh lime juice
o   1 cup of parsley leaves
o   1 cup of chives-if desired-finely chopped
o   ¼ cup thyme
o   2 tablespoons orange zest
o   ½ tsp salt-or to taste
o   ¼ tsp pepper-or to taste 

How You’ll Make It

1.     Toss the chicken, pepper, onion, cucumber, and pineapple in a large bowl
2.     Put the ingredients for dressing into a small food processor and puree
3.     Pour the dressing over the salad and toss lightly
4.     Cover mixture and refrigerate for around 30 minutes in order to serve chilled

Whether you choose to use this as a side or the main course, you’re likely to be pleased. Don’t forget, of course, the ever-important Great Harvest bread to go with your salad creation. To find out more about the best bread in Newtonville, including what we’ve baked fresh for you today, take a look at our menu, give us a call at 617-928-1162, or feel free to stop by.
Great Harvest Bread of Newtonville
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