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Some people think of muffins and cupcakes as a cheat day treat. By using whole grains such as oats instead of refined flour, muffins can be part of your everyday meals, no cheating required.

No-Mess Healthy Muffins Are Possible

A healthy diet should include a right mix of whole grains, fruits...
Most Americans don't eat their recommended daily fiber intake. Maybe they’re living with constipation, perhaps not. But fiber does more than help your bowel movement. Here’s why you need it and how you can get it.

Why Your Body Needs Fiber

When you think about consuming fiber, you think about...
Seeds are not just for planting. They are fantastic sources of nutrients. Here are some of the seeds you should try to eat on a daily basis.

Seeds Have a Ton of Nutrients

We've talked about the importance of whole grains for a balanced diet and about which types of grains you should include in...
Cheese and bread go great together. This combination is excellent for easy and cheesy appetizers. Here are some recipes you can try to amaze your family and guests.

Almost everyone knows that glorious feeling of biting into a warm and crunchy sandwich filled with gooey cheese, a.k.a. a grilled...
If your goal is to be healthier this year, cutting carbohydrates out of your diet is not the answer. Here you'll find some of the reasons why carbs should be part of your daily meals.

Carbs Should be Part of Every Balanced Diet

Carbohydrates often have a terrible reputation for making you fat....
 Every culture and religion has its holiday bread. If you're interested in learning about holidays in other cultures, here's some information about holiday bread around the world. 

Bread Brings Cultures Together

If there's one food that brings people together, its bread, this essential diet...
Fall and winter come jam-packed with social events and heavy meals. It's nearly impossible to say no to holiday food. However, you can try these suggestions to stay healthy and in good shape these holidays.

Autumn Is a Season for Eating

In many cases, fall is the beginning of the end to healthy...
 With so many healthy bread options available, how can you tell which ones truly offer what they say they do? From healthy bread myths to choosing the best bread, it can all be made easier with the information in this post.

Choosing the Best Bread for Your Health

When going to the supermarket,...

The perfect burger is a work of art. It does take some practice to get it right, but luckily the method is simple. Here you'll find the ingredients and the technique to build a perfect hamburger. We've previously covered the art of the grilled cheese sandwich, this time we will focus...
Whole grains should be part of a healthy diet, and that's a fact. If you're having trouble thinking about which whole grains you should be eating, here's a list of the ones that should be present in your meals. Whole grains should be unavoidable. Unfortunately, many people don't see it that way....
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