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The perfect burger is a work of art. It does take some practice to get it right, but luckily the method is simple. Here you'll find the ingredients and the technique to build a perfect hamburger. We've previously covered the art of the grilled cheese sandwich, this time we will focus on another American classic: the hamburger. It takes some time and practice to create the perfect burger. The perfect burger might be different for everybody, from the condiments to the bread, to the cheese, and type of meat. However, every burger must contain the elements you'll find in this post that Great Harvest of Newtonville has prepared for you. There are many burger recipes out there, but let's focus on the simplest one. The classic beef patty, cheese, and veggies burger can never go wrong.

How to Build the Best Burger Ever

The Patty

A juicy beef patty is the shining star of a perfect burger. The key to keeping the real beef flavor is fat. If you go for lean meat, your burger will be bland and dry. For a patty that is just right, you need to ask the butcher for an 80/20 mix of ground beef.  The largest amount being fat, although you do need some lean meat to keep the patty from over-shrinking. The more fat it has, the more it will lose its volume, and it will be so juicy that it will make the bread soggy. If you’re not into meat at all, you can always make yourself a veggie burger; there are plenty of unique veggie patty options to try. When making your patties, you shouldn’t overwork the meat, unless you’re aiming for tough and dense burgers. Oil or wet your hands to prevent the meat from sticking to your fingers and make uniform patties a bit bigger than the size of the bun, remember they will shrink. Press your thumb in the middle of the patty to make a dimple; this will prevent it from cooking unevenly or bulging up.  As for seasoning, the beef is the lead, so a little kosher salt and some pepper will do. You can add any other seasoning if you prefer. Be sure to season the meat after the patties are formed to keep the salt from drying up the juices.

The Perfect Buns

Don't forget the bread! The bun is crucial to a perfect burger, it should be delicious, yet it shouldn't over shine the star of the show: the beef patty. Your burger bun must be soft yet sturdy. It should also be buttery; a dry bun will just ruin all your grilling and saucing efforts. The perfect bun should be bakery fresh. Spread a little butter on both sides and grill it. Head to Great Harvest of Newtonville and try their Old Fashioned White Rolls, or the Honey Wheat Rolls if you're looking to enjoy the benefits of whole grains. If you're interested in learning more about Great Harvest of Newtonville's menu, give them a call at (617) 928-1162. You can also shop for their products online.

Cooking the Patty

The trick to a crusty beef patty is grilling your burgers over high heat. You must never touch the patty once it meets the cooking surface. Don’t press down on it; you want the juices to remain inside the burger. You should only flip the burger once. Leave it three minutes on each side, or flip it the moment it if you’re aiming for medium rare. There is a health risk to eating rare or medium rare burgers, but they taste so much better than an overdone patty. Allow the burgers rest for a bit before serving them to redistribute the juices evenly.

Assembling the Burger

There’s a precise method to follow when stacking your burger. The combination of the ingredients should mesh together in harmony to enhance every different flavor. You start out with a slightly toasted bun, which will better help keep the condiments in the bread.  Next, you spread the sauce or your preferred condiments. Some people recommend that you skip the mustard as its flavor can be overpowering, but it’s your choice. The pickles come after the sauce, right before the patty. Now goes your cheese. A melty and creamy American cheese will go amazingly on your burger, it will also help keep the tomato in place. You can go for any other cheese, just avoid anything too aged since they’re not good at melting. After the cheese and tomato are placed, it’s the lettuce’s turn. Iceberg lettuce has the perfect crunch. Next goes the onion; you can skip it if you don’t like onions. However, red onion provides a tasty bite and a bit of color. Lastly, you slather the top bun with some mayo, and you’re all set.

Get Your Bakery Rolls at Great Harvest of Newtonville

Great Harvest of Newtonville has the perfect rolls needed to create your dream burger. Just head to the bakery to pick them or order them online. While you're at it, don't skip on grabbing something sweet for dessert. For more information about their menu and ingredients, you can call the bakery at (617) 928-1162.
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