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Fall and winter come jam-packed with social events and heavy meals. It's nearly impossible to say no to holiday food. However, you can try these suggestions to stay healthy and in good shape these holidays.

Autumn Is a Season for Eating

In many cases, fall is the beginning of the end to healthy eating and staying fit. Starting with Halloween and ending with Christmas (yes, that’s a winter holiday). There’s something about cold weather that makes us think about comforting and warm food. Autumn plays host to a celebration centered around food, Thanksgiving. While the whole reason for this holiday is to be grateful for our health, family, and friends and be thankful for everything that we have and everything we don’. Above all, Thanksgiving is a celebration of food. After a hearty meal consisting of turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, whatever your chosen pumpkin recipe is, and a vast assortment of pies you might start to feel guilty about everything you eat. Let’ face it; holidays are not meant for diets! Still, here are some suggestions you can try to lean more towards the healthy side, while still enjoying yourself.

How to Eat Right Over the Holidays

  • Eat smaller servings: When there are many food options to choose from, it’s hard to even to consider not trying them all. The bigger the plate, the more we pile it up with delicious, yet fattening food. It’s unthinkable to even think about leaving space on the plate. The solution is changing the size of your serving plate. You’ll have less of an area to pile your food. Therefore you’ll eat less or at least it will make it easier for you to control your portions.
  • Take it slow: If you’re eating as if you were in an eating contest, you don’t give your body enough time to realize that you’re full. You just keep shoveling more and more food until you start feeling sick and about to burst. Take your time chewing, really enjoy each bite, and allow your body to feel satisfied more than just replete. It takes around 15 -20 minutes for your brain to register the feeling of being sated. So if you eat slowly, you’ll eat less.
  • Remain hydrated: Taking small sips throughout your whole meal will help you slow down. Go for low-cal or calorie-free options like water or unsweetened tea. If you’re a wine lover, try a white wine with fewer calories.
  • Converse: Holidays are a great time for catching up with your family and friends. Try to talk more during the meal. You’ll be socializing, chewing less, and giving your body more time to realize it's full.

Healthier Food Options

Carbs and butter galore seem to be the defining characteristics of holiday meals. Some simple tweaks can make your Thanksgiving dinner a bit healthier.
  • Look for a healthier version of your favorite Thanksgiving dish, or swap some ingredients for low calorie and low-fat options. For instance, a cleaner version of the classic apple pie like the one found in Amy's Healthy Baking Blog. You can also try Detoxinista's mashed cauliflower to substitute your mashed potatoes…both equally yummy.
  • For your stuffing, use more broth to substitute excessive butter, add more veggies and lower the meat ratio, and use whole grain bread to make your recipe a little bit healthier. Great Harvest of Newtonville has some fantastic whole grain bread options that might give your Thanksgiving stuffing a new twist. You can learn about their healthy options online or give them a call at (617) 928-1162 to place your order.
  • Don’t eat the skin of your baked turkey. You’ll get all the lean protein you need from eating just the meat. The extra saturated fat is not necessary.
  • Include a fresh salad as a side dish. Replace creamy dressing with a strawberry vinaigrette or some lemon and olive oil.
  • Steer away from pecan pie which is packed full with calories and fat. Instead, eat a cookie, a small piece of pumpkin pie, or a healthy sweet bread such as a Pumpkin Yumkin or a Gingerbread cake, both options you can find at Great Harvest of Newtonville.

Make You Thanksgiving Better With Delicious Bread and Mouthwatering Desserts from Great Harvest of Newtonville

Preparing a Thanksgiving meal can be exhausting. Make your cooking work a little lighter by heading to Great Harvest of Newtonville to stock up on tasty whole grain bread options and some sweet treats as well. Check out their holiday menu or go ahead and call them up at (617) 928-1162 to place your order.
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