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The cold weather will stay with us for a while, and apart from warm clothes there are other ways to make this season more pleasant and we are talking about comfort foods. Lentil soup is one of the things you can’t miss during this winter to deal with the freezing temperatures. For this reason, at...
We here at Great Harvest in Newtonville like nothing better than enjoying seasonal foods. Vegetables are ten times better when they’re in season, and there’s nothing like savoring light, fresh meals during spring. Today, we’d love to offer some recipes for delicious spring sandwiches. All of...
Though the winter months aren’t letting up anytime soon, it is likely that there are some of us have already got the taste for summer. It’s with that in mind that Great Harvest in Newtonville thought it might be a good idea to share a light, summertime, vegetable recipe for all to love. The...
Great Harvest Bread of Newtonville
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